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Vegan B Complex - 60 Tablets

Vegan B Complex - 60 Tablets

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B vitamins are essential vitamins for energy production and maintenance of a healthy nervous system, skin and muscles. These vital water soluble vitamins are involved in cellular energy production, helping the body to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and essential fatty acids; they also support the development of red blood cells. Researchers have long known that a strict vegan diet- excluding all animal products - can lead to vitamin B deficiency, especially lack of vitamin B12 that causes neurological problems and heart disease. New studies suggest that even those who follow a vegetarian diet including milk and eggs - as their only animal foods- also were deficient. A deficiency in B vitamins can cause fatigue, anaemia, depression, nerve damage, abdominal pain, hair loss and skin disorders. Today, many people choose to go vegetarian or vegan for many reasons; personal & ethical beliefs, environmental reasons, low fat (cholesterol) vegetarian diet to prevent heart diseases... However, if they decide to adopt the vegetarian lifestyle for the health benefits this lifestyle has to offer, they must make sure they get all the nutrients the body needs to function properly. HealthAid Vegan B Complex provides a complete sour Contact Us Page.


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