Materials sex toys

The materials that sex toys are made of have gone through many transformation in the previous years. The once very popular and relatively inexpensive jelly products that dominated the market are more and more replaced by silky smooth silicone and body-safe products. All products that are produced now are typically phthalate free.

To help you with the understanding, below you can find a description of the various materials.

ABS Plastic
This is a hardened plastic that is used to produce many sex toys. It is smooth, durable, body-safe and easy to clean. ABS plastic also does not contain controversial phthalates. Considering phthalates are added to materials to give them an elastic effect, hardened plastic by definition never contains any phthalates. ABS plastic is mostly used to produce hard vibrators and bullets.

Glass can sound like a scary material for those who are not familiar with the specific composition of the type of glass that is used to create sex toys. Glass is one of the safest materials for sex toys. The type of glass that is used most often is Boroscilicate. This type of glass is durable, doesn’t splinter and can withstand a large amount of pressure without breaking or tearing. Glass sex toys are not toxic, easy to clean and can be warmed up or cooled down for extra sensation. Boroscilicate can also be boiled in water in order to clean it. A glass toy is very hygienic.

Latex is most known for being used to produce condoms, but there are also some sex toys made of latex. Latex is an elastic, flexible material that is sometimes called ‘the natural rubber’, because it is made of the sap in trees. Be aware that latex can cause allergic reactions. It is important that people who are sensitive to latex in general do not use and stay away from latex products.

There is also latex clothing. Bear in mind that clothing made of latex looks like a rubber tyre before use. Latex clothing always looks dull at first, so you have to spray it with latex care and shine spray in order to make it shiny and flexible. 

PU Coating
A PU coating is a special finishing touch for sex toys to make them silky smooth. It is a luxury texture that can often be found on hard toys made of ABS plastic.

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a realistic material and is often used to produce dildos. It is flexible and has been a popular material for the production of sex toys for years. PVC toys are often cheaper than silicone toys.

Silicone is a popular and high quality material. It is a luxurious, hygienic and body-safe material. It is also non-porous, easy to clean and more durable than other products. Solid silicone can be sterilized in boiling water. The material is soft, flexible and very versatile. It is important to bear in mind though that silicone sex toys cannot be used in combination with silicone lubricant.

TPE, thermoplastic elastomer, is a type of polymer with many of the same qualities as silicone. It is soft, flexible, hygienic, non-poreus and does not contain any phthalates. TPE products can even be recycled.

TPR, thermoplastic rubber, is a realistic material that feels natural. It is often used in masturbators, dildos and realistic toys, because the texture of the material is very similar to the texture of human skin. TPR is a type of polymer that has many of the same qualities as silicone and TPE.

Metal sex toys are strong and, like glass toys, they can be cleaned thoroughly. Metal can be used in combination with any type of lubricant and it quickly adapts to your body temperature. Toys made of metal can also be cooled down or warmed up in water.

SilaSkin, CyberSkin, SuperSkin
These materials are often used to produce masturbators and mega masturbators. The materials are soft, feel realistic and are close to the ‘real thing’. Bear in mind that these kinds of materials need extra care. Usually, these toys include a special maintenance powder.

Apart from these materials, there are many other materials, for example acrylic, aluminum, ethylene vinyl acetate, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, styrene acrylonitrile and others.