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Tenga - Uni Emerald Sleeve

Tenga - Uni Emerald Sleeve

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The UNI can be used to enhance stimulation either by using your fingers or by flipping it inside out to serve as a stimulating stretchable sleeve, making it a truly unisex product!

With its versatility, the UNI can be utilized in partnered play as well. Moreover, it stands out as a unique product suitable for any gender pairing.

The designs are inspired by gemstones, but they are soft to the touch. The UNI is crafted from a soft and supple material. Additionally, a significant portion of the product casing is made from pulp-mold paper, similar to egg cartons, to reduce our plastic waste profile.

How to use:
Two people can each use one UNI mutually, or they can share one. However, for safe sex practices, we recommend one item per person. It's ideal for use during foreplay before penetration or during short breaks in sexual intercourse when insertion is not possible. The UNI opens up new and exciting possibilities for pleasure exploration with a partner.

The UNI is designed not only for individual use but also for use with partners, alleviating the potential embarrassment of purchasing a self-pleasure item. This makes purchasing the product as convenient as condoms and lotions.

Dimensions: W 88 mm × H 73 mm x D 32 mm
Weight: 39 g

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