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Tenga - Flip Hole Black

Tenga - Flip Hole Black

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The next step in the future of masturbation is designed to create a genuinely better-than-real experience.

A different approach.
Our objective with the FLIP HOLE was to create the best male masturbator on the market. Most of our competitors focus on copying vaginas; nevertheless, we have focused on proposing the best-ever experience possible. That’s why the FLIP HOLE hasn’t been designed like an artificial vagina; it has been designed to give you the best sensual experience.

An extraordinary elastomer.
Its inside is made of elastomer which gives it an ultra-soft touch. It has an astonishing complex inside the shape. Every centimetre of it has a particular function. It's flexible casing with buttons allows total control of the stimuli.

The unique FLIP mode.
FLIP HOLE is the first masturbator that can open itself completely. For this reason, it’s really easy to clean and to always keep it hygienic.

The product is standard supplied with a sample of all three Tenga lubricants.

Brand: Tenga
Colour: Black
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