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Svakom - Connexion Series Pulse Lite Neo Purple Suction Stimulator

Svakom - Connexion Series Pulse Lite Neo Purple Suction Stimulator

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Relax and enjoy the soothing waves of blissful satisfaction. Pulse Lite Neo offers an enhanced experience in the world of suction, combining Pulse Technology™ with SVAKOM’s innovative interactive technology; a world of possibilities awaits.

Place control in someone else’s hands. Enjoy long-distance play with the SVAKOM app or explore your limits with multiple unique features.

Hard, fast, soft, slow. Pulse Lite Neo does whatever you need it to. Featuring 5 suction modes each with 5 levels of intensity – make pleasure your own.

Interactive to the Fullest
Step into your most seductive fantasy and let pleasure consume you. Pulse Lite Neo can sync with a wide variety of video interactive platforms as well as the most popular cam sites.

Take off and glide towards true satisfaction with SVAKOM’s latest technology. Pulse Technology creates bursts of seduction designed to send blissful waves throughout your body.

Product Name Pulse Lite Neo
Material Silicone, ABS
Size 113.5x53.8x.42.3mm
Weight 93g±5g
Battery Capacity 300mAh
Battery Type
Polymer Lithium Battery
Charging Time 0.8-1.5H
Battery Life 1H
Suction Modes 5
Intensity Levels 5
Waterproof Level Water-resistant

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