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Sico Sensitive - 50 Condoms

Sico Sensitive - 50 Condoms

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  • Always Discreet Packaging
The Sico Sensitive condoms provide extra feeling during use thanks to the ultra thin design. Because of this, you cannot or hardly feel the condom. The condoms have a good fit and are comfortable to use. The condoms are teat-ended and are lubricated for optimal comfort.

Product Features

Material - Latex
Weight - 177 gram
Contents - 50 pieces
Condom thickness - Ultra Thin
Condom structure - Sleek
Taste condom - Neutral
Lubricant condom - Normal
Reservoir - Yes
Shape - Anatomical
Nominal width condom - 52 mm
Elastic - Yes
CE tag - Yes
Colour - Transparent
Suitable for - Men
Warranty - Yes
Warranty Type - Good Warranty Service
Total rating - 5
Packing - Retail packaging (cardboard)

Dimensions Packaging - 11x14.5x10.5 cm
Languages Packaging - nl en de fr es ru fi pt
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