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Strict Leather

Puppy Paw Leather Paddle

Puppy Paw Leather Paddle

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Bad dog! Teach your pup a lesson they will not forget with a discipline paddle that leaves a lasting impression! Made of beautiful leather in an alligator skin pattern with a sturdy wooden handle this impact tool offers complete control as soon as it is in your grasp. Give your canine plaything some much-needed training so that they will better obey their owner. Watch as the paw print is imprinted on their bright red bum or thighs branding them as your bitch! A leather loop provides extra security during each swing and allows for hanging storage.

Measurements: 12.75 inches in total length. Handle is 4.5 inches in length 2.3 inches in width. Paddle is 4.5 inches in width.

Material: Leather wood

Color: Brown

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