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Pjur Superhero Spray Transparent 20ml

Pjur Superhero Spray Transparent 20ml

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Our most highly concentrated delay spray:
Men who suffer from premature ejaculation experience extreme sensitivity in their penis causing them to ejaculate too early. Our product contains Laureth-9 and Laureth-4 both of which help the penis slide more easily into the vagina. This reduces penile stimulation which can counteract premature ejaculation. In addition to reducing stimulation this product also helps the penis become and remain erect. This is because it contains ginger oil and methyl nicotinate both of which promote blood circulation.

Spray two to four times directly onto the penis or head of the penis. Ginger oil is a recognised aphrodisiac. As a result sensitive people may experience hives and a slight itching sensation. These effects will disappear completely. Before use apply the product to your forearm to test for any potential allergic reaction. Do not use if you experience an allergic reaction. Do not spray on open wounds.

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