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Lovense - Solace App-controlled Automatic Thrusting Masturbator

Lovense - Solace App-controlled Automatic Thrusting Masturbator

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Meet Solce, our automatice male masturbator let users to immersethemselves in interactive adult content from streaming, porns,and sex games to enjoy movements and actions.Customized powerful strokes reach up to 280/min for desiredintense experience. Maximum 70mm depth of super soft sleevestreches to fit any size and enhances sensations. Stable deskmount holds Solace for multiple playing positions.

Multiple playing positions: Adjustable desk mount holds Solace tosuit various scenarios. 280 strokes/min: Customize powerful strokes to intenseexperience.
Long-lasting usage time: Up to 12.5 hours play time on asingle charge of less than 2 hours. Maximum depth of 70mm: Super soft sleeve streches to fit anysize and enhances sensations.

Additional Notes Solace:
-Materials? ABS
-Weight? 980 g
-Charging? 100 Minutes
- Use Time? up to 12.5 hours· Comes with?Desk Mount, Neutral Sleeve· -Waterproof?IPX4 Waterproof

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