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Lovense - Sex Machine

Lovense - Sex Machine

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Our Lovense Sex Machine was designed for solo play, close-range, and long-distance control. Easy assembly process, stable and sturdy structure, quiet when in use makes Lovense Sex Machine a perfect companion for those who like heavy-duty play.

Also, it is the world’s first sex machine that reacts to tips on nearly
all major cam sites and can be used by two people at once -
double-sided thrusting design allows two people to use the machine
at the same time.

Super-Powerful Motor
A robust motor offers a variable speed
of up to 300 strokes per minute.

Adjustable in many ways – plenty of
different positions.

Simple assembly, stable, sturdy, and quiet.

There are 2 dildos (dierent sizes) included, but you will be able to use all Vac-U-Lock
accessories with Lovense Sex Machine

Double-Sided Thrusting Design
(optional) allows two people to
use the machine at once

Adjustable Stroke Length
(up to 11.4 cm)

Adjustable Stroke Height & Angle
plenty of different positions

Long-Distance Sex
Use our Lovense Remote App to sync your Max 2/Nora or Calor and the Sex Machine - when you move your toy, the
Sex Machine will react accordingly

Lovense Gaming
Immerse yourself into the world of adult video games by pairing Lovense Sex Machine with an integrated game and
live out the steamy encounters that the characters experience!

Perfect for Cam Models
Lovense Sex Machine is the first sex machine that reacts to tips on nearly all major cam sites.

- Materials? Body-Safe Silicone/ABS Plastic
- Weight? 12.5kg
- Speed? up to 300 strokes per minute
- Motor Specs? 24 V, 5 A
- Electrical Input? 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
- Waterproof? Not Waterproof

All dildos compatible with Vac-u-Lock adapter work with the Lovense Sex Machine.

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