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Lovense - Kraken Box

Lovense - Kraken Box

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Meet Kraken, the disposable masturbators have a super-stretchableelastomer sleeve that suits most sizes. The flexible material stretchesup to 20cm to achieve deep penetration and total stimulation.Six unique internal textures for different sensations and non-slipgrip ensure user rhythm without slipping.Kraken’s discreet pocket-sized shell is easy to transport to whereverand whenever needed, it is the ideal travel companion and no needto worry about cleaning and maintenance.

Super soft material combineswith six unique textures providean incredible sensation. Convenience and hygiene by eliminatingthe need for cleaning andmaintenance, allowing users todispose of it after use. Flexible material stretches for mostsizes to achieve deep penetration. Elevate foreplay with a glove forthrilling sensations, neatly containedwithin the egg.

- Materials?Sleeve: body-safe TPE
- Weight: 45 g
- Size: 5.2X6.2 cm
- Stretch length: Up to 20 cm
- Stretch diameter: Up to 10 cm

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