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Kiiroo - Keon Multifunctional Pillow

Kiiroo - Keon Multifunctional Pillow

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Kiiroo - Keon Multifunctional Pillow

The Feel Stroker is Kiiroo's first ever stroker designed with the most realistic sensations in mind. The skin-like material gives you the most pleasurable experience possible.

Get the right angle. This Multifunctional Pillow is designed to work with your KEON automatic masturbator, to enhance your solo masturbation sessions in any position.

Quick and simple to attach and use, this Multifunctional Pillow can also be used as a standalone sex pillow to take your partnered sessions to the next level.

Materials: PU Foam, Rubber and Velcro, Velvet Effect Cover

Box Height: 130mm / 13cm / 5 inch

Box Width: 390mm / 39cm / 15.5 inch

Box Depth: 150mm / 15cm / 6 inch

Pillow Height: 330mm / 33cm / 13 inch

Pillow Width: 400mm / 40 cm / 15.75 inch

Pillow Depth: 130mm / 13cm / 5 inch

Weight (Box + Pillow): 1160 grams / 40.92 oz / 2.56 lbs

Weight (Pillow): 774 grams / 27.3 oz / 1.71 lbs

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