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Kiiroo - Feel Skyler Lo - PBC

Kiiroo - Feel Skyler Lo - PBC

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Skyler Lo is known for her energetic, bubbly personality on cam and her need for speed. The sexy California native grew up around motorcycles all her life and began posting risqué photos featuring her busty figure and her impressive motorcycle collection which quickly grasped the attention of her audience gaining her thousands of social media followers. She has always considered herself “the girliest tomboy you’ve ever met”. Now, Skyler is able to let her fans experience what it’s really like to be with her using her very own personal stroker; Feel Skyler! The Feel Skyler Stroker was designed to be used with Keon, Kiiroo’s flag ship masturbator, and PowerBlow, Kiiroo’s newest device with suction technology that will bring fans closer than ever before to feeling what it is like to be with Skyler Lo.

Product specifications:
Material Stroker: ABS, PC
Material Sleeve: TPEI
tem Weight: 550 g / 19,4 oz / 1.21 lb
Item Height: 223 mm / 22,3 cm / 8.78 inch
Item Width: Bottom Cap 85 mm / 8.5 cm / 3,4 inch - Top Cap 58 mm / 5.8 cm / 2.3inch
Item Length: Bottom Cap 85 mm / 8.5 cm / 3.4 inch - Top Cap 58 mm / 5.8 cm / 2.28inch
Item Packaged Weight: 623 g / 21.97 oz / 1.37 lb
Item Packaged Height: 230 mm / 23 cm / 9.05 inch
Item Packaged Width: 92 mm / 9.2 cm / 3.62 inch
Item Packaged Length: 92mm / 9.2 cm / 3.62 inch

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