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Iroha by Tenga - SVR Misora

Iroha by Tenga - SVR Misora

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Capture the delicate, ever-changing colors of the sky

Development Background:
The period between winter and spring hosts many events traditionally involving partners and family (e.g., Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, White Day in Japan and a few other countries in Asia, etc.). To leverage the marketability of the season and promote greater awareness of iroha, we created the special limited iroha SVR TWILIGHT Edition.

Introducing the Limited Edition iroha SVR Series “TWILIGHT”. This edition captures the moments shortly before the sun sets and when the sun begins to rise, blurring the boundary between day and night, resulting in the most vibrant changes in the sky's color. These fleeting moments reveal the delicate, ever-changing colors of the sky.

Special times shared between you and your partner are made more vibrant with the beautiful gradient sky captured within this limited edition item.

A gradient coloring inspired by the changing hues of the sky.
MISORA (Beautiful Sky): Represents the transition from early evening to night.
KASUMI (Morning Mist): Represents the misty early morning."

-5 Vibration Strengths & 2 Rhythm Modes
-Running Time: Approx. 60min (Full Power)
-Charging Time: Approx. 60min
-Rumble-Strong, Whisper Quiet
-Waterproof (up to 50cm/20") & Washable
-Anti-dust Protective Coating
-Simple One-Button Control
-USB Rechargeable Battery

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