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Hunkyjunk Zoid Trapaziod Lifter Cockring White Ice

Hunkyjunk Zoid Trapaziod Lifter Cockring White Ice

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The Hunkyjunk white ice ZOID may seem like an unusual shape cockring but it definitely does the trick! It’s super rubbery but still strong and bouncy when stretched. The shape is wider at the base and narrow on top which keeps the ring positioned where you want as well as adding more under-sack lift. That is even more bulge more lift and more of your hunky junk. This sized cockring is described as a “comfort” ring it is midsize to suit all different shapes and sizes it has a ton of stretch in a size that’ll make everybody bulgier. This white ice ZOID is a custom Plus+SILICONE mix with a lush dull velvet finish.

  • Width: 2.25”/57 mm
  • Depth: 2.5/ 6 cm
  • Outer circumference: 7.25”/ 18 cm
  • Inner Circumference: 3.25”/82 mm
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