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Handy - Interactive Masturbator

Handy - Interactive Masturbator

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Handy - Interactive Masturbator

Handy is a revolutionary sex toy that brings the fun of sextech to the masses. The Handy philosophy is grounded in normalizing sexual curiosity and promoting sex positivity for everyone. That’s why it’s made to be as comfortably customisable as possible with its fully adjustable grip and stroke length to accommodate all shapes, sizes and preferences.

At an impressive max speed of 600 strokes per minute, the Handy has the most powerful (and very importantly, the quietest!) motor out of the box on the automatic stroker market. Just sit back and enjoy; let the Handy do all the hard work.

But what else can it do?

For an enhanced experience, explore the Handy’s online capabilities. Let another person control your Handy™ over the internet, or try video synchronization with adult movies to discover a whole new level of self-pleasure.

The Handy boasts interactive support from a number of paid content sites such as SexLikeReal and FeelXVideos, with more on the way. What’s more, the Handy is VR ready and works with all headsets, allowing you to live out your fantasies for the ultimate immersive thrill.

Want to try out new, exciting sensations? Simply swap out the TrueGrip sleeve that it comes with for any of your favourite sleeves from your collection and enjoy the added dimension of being hands-off.

Created by a team of Norwegian engineers, the Handy upholds the Scandinavian design principles of functionality and simplicity in every detail – from its premium quality build that includes the very best electronic components, to its approachable and easy usage.

No need to dread clean-up - the patented close-ended sleeve makes cleaning breeze. Just rinse the sleeve with water after use and turn it inside out. It’s that simple!

Along with expanding the boundaries of tech-enabled personalised pleasure, a big part of the Handy experience is the inspiring community. Like-minded users on the official Discord server and subreddit share ideas, DIY mounts, 3D printed attachments and ingenious 3rd party software (that makes use of Handy’s open API). When it comes to empowering the people, Handy’s got it all.

Weight: 560 g (Handy main device); 1.185 kg (with PSU, band, sleeve, box)
Rechargeable: No

UK Customers: The device ships with an EU (standard) 2-pin power plug.

No need to dread clean-up - the patented close-ended sleeve makes cleaning a breeze. Just rinse the sleeve with soap and water after use and turn it inside out. It’s that simple!

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