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FeelzToys - FemmeFit Advanced Pelvic Muscle Training Set 3 p

FeelzToys - FemmeFit Advanced Pelvic Muscle Training Set 3 p

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Advanced vaginal training set for women.
This vaginal training set for strong pelvic floor muscles is suitable for women who can wear the FemmeFit (E27896) without problems. The (rolling) weights are heavier and larger than the FemmeFit Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Set and therefore it requires even more exercise to be able to hold them well.
Start with the lightest colored Geisha ball and if desired use a water-based lubricant for more comfort during insertion.

- Ben Wa balls strengthen the pelvic floor muscles - tightens women’s vagina
- For advanced users
- Will help treat urinary incontinence
- Accelerate the recovery of the vagina after giving birth
- Will lead to more intense orgasms
- Balls with different weights (125g - 165g - 200g)
- The lightest weights have rolling balls inside which cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract automatically when worn
- Soft and body-safe silicone
- Waterproof & non-porous silicone for easy cleaning

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