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Deluxe Spread Me Positioning Aid

Deluxe Spread Me Positioning Aid

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Deluxe Spread Me Positioning Aid

With the Spread Me Positioning Aid from Frisky you can enjoy sexy playtime plus gentle and exciting restraint! The durable design features a cushioned neck supporting pillow and leg straps. Have a taste for a little bondage? Two D-rings attach comfortable adjustable cuffs by snap hooks to hold their wrists back The adjustable leg strap design helps with cramping as well as back support and helps with G-spot positioning. Now you can go deeper and hit all new spots for incredible new sensations for both of you! With this easy to use system all you have to do is slip the pillow behind your neck then secure your ankles with the Velcro cuffs. The Spread Me Positioning Aide is a fun way to make bedroom play easy and comfortable!

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