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Coconut Milk Powder 250g

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Premium Coconut Milk Powder, 100% Dairy Free and Vegan approved. Made from premium quality, freshly squeezed coconut milk. Unlike many other coconut milk powders, it contains no lactose stabilisers and so is suitable for those wanting to follow a dairy-free diet. Our premium Coconut Milk Powder is GMO-free and contains approximately 65% virgin coconut oil that retains much of the nutritional content of the raw coconut. Having no added flavours, it has a natural superb aroma. Coconut milk powder is a versatile and convenient ingredient which can be used to sprinkle over cereals, added to coffee, to make smoothies, milkshakes, yoghurts and ice creams. It is an excellent flavouring for curries, vegetable dishes and exotic sauces. Also a good thickening agent for cakes, biscuits and desserts. Simply mix 1 -2 tablespoons in a cup of warm water and stir well to produce rich instant coconut cream or milk.

Dietary Restrictions

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Nut Free
Egg Free
Celery Free
Lupin Free
Milk Free
Mustard Free
Sesame Seed Free
Soy Bean Free
Sulphur Dioxide Free
Maize Free
Citric Acid Free
Crustacean Free
Mollusc Free
Fish Free
Peanut Free

No Added Sugar

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