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Castor Oil Organic Cold Pressed Undiluted 100ml

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100% Pure Organic Castor Oil 100 ml 100% PRESERVATIVE FREE Hexane free Cold-pressed single-varietal oil undiluted, without the use of chemicals, preservatives or additive From Controlled Organic Farming This is BP Grade Premium Quality Certified Supplied in , Amber Glass Bottles for long shelf life. Organic Castor Oil makes it a good massage oil for aching joints, and antibacterial properties, nerve inflammations, and sore muscles. Castor oil is useful for dry skin conditions, the lubricant in the Castor oil helps ease the roughness of the skin and acts as a soothing emollient, Hair, Eyelashes and Eyebrows: Helps strengthen and thicken your hair, many people use it to promote hair growth. Nail Care: Helps protect and strengthen your nails, especially beneficial for fragile nails Scalp Treatment Nourishes your scalp and helps prevent split ends. Adding a small amount of castor to your shampoo and applying to dry hair is believed to help treat dandruff and itchy scalp conditions. For external use.

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