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Blueline - Deluxe Chastity Cage

Blueline - Deluxe Chastity Cage

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Product Description
Surround your cock with the cool, hard feel of thick metal rings that wrap around all the way down to the tip. This chastity cage is easy to get into, and firmly keeps your member in place while a second ring secures your testicles. Lock it the two pieces together with the padlock and hand over the key.

Made of body-safe metal
Curved, ergonomic design
Easy to attach 2-piece set
Comfortable for long-term wear
Includes padlock & key

How to use
Apply water-based lube around the non-erect penis and scrotum.
Gently pinch a bit of scrotal skin at the bottom and pull through the ring.
Push the first testicle through the ring.
Push the second testicle through the ring.
Bend penis down and put through shaft of the chastity cage.

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