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Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets - Slow Sex Hair & Skin Shimmer Dry Oil

Bijoux Indiscrets - Slow Sex Hair & Skin Shimmer Dry Oil

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If it hydrates and highlights, I want it! Specially designed for skin and hair, this dry oil contains coconut oil and mica which hydrate and highlight the sexiest areas of your body: glutes, underarms, pubic area (even hair if you have it). Plus, it smells amazingš¬¦ mmmm coconut! Don't be shy, use it however you like. - 75% coconut oil equals maximum hydration! It's also antibacterial. - We don't use microplastics. The shimmer in this product is made from mica, a natural mineral that is kind to both your body and the environment. - Compatible with toys, but avoid direct contact with condoms. How to use it? Just apply three little drops of this oil before your intimate encounters. Squeeze the pipette to draw the oil into the applicator. Unscrew the jar, choose your sexiest body part and squeeze again to dispense it onto your skin. Rub in with your fingers. Any tips? Apply it wherever you like! Suitable for use on skin or hair, including your pubic area (external use only). 30 ml

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