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Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 Wide Boy Penis Pump Clear

Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 Wide Boy Penis Pump Clear

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Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 Wide Boy Penis Pump Clear

The Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 is the perfect penis pump for pros. This pump gives him maximum results and quicker enhancement when it comes to plumping up his size

The Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 pump features a new valve as well as a detachable handball. The handball can be attached to the pump valve for easy use. This penis enlargement kit comes with carry case as well as a measuring gauge. You'll also get a cleaning sponge and a comfort insert pad. The hose attachment pump and lube are standard while the shower strap promises an easy experience that's great for adding to your daily hygiene routine.

This penis enlargement pump also comes with a security lock to keep it safe and stored away discreetly.

The hydroxtreme-series comes complete with all the accessories you could ask for:

  • hydroxtreme hydropump
  • carry case
  • measuring gauge
  • cleaning sponge
  • cleaning towel
  • handball pump
  • hose attachment
  • comfort insert pad
  • 12ml clean
  • security lockshower strap

Take your hydrotherapy workout to a whole new level!

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