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White Ginseng Instant Herbal Tea 20g - Feel Good Store UK

White Ginseng Instant Herbal Tea 20g

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Ginseng has featured as a part of life in China for well over 2000 years and remains popular. In fact all civilisations who have come into contact with this herb have revered it with equal measure. It's botanical name Panax derives from the Ancient Greek Pan Akos or more specifically Panacea, the name of a Greek goddess of remedy which goes some way to describe how highly regarded this herb is. There are generally 2 methods of preparing ginseng for consumption. White ginseng involves the least processing. The roots are simply harvested and dried in the sun. Red Ginseng on the other hand is produced by steam treating and then drying to a specific moisture content of 15%. It is believed that the two methods of preparation change the chemical composition of Ginseng and affect how we digest it. The Taste of Red Ginseng and white Ginseng is very different. While white ginseng has amalty sweetness, Red Ginseng has a more aromatic roasted flavour, akin to barley coffee. Aquasol White Ginseng is harvested on a specific sight in China and grown over the 8 year period. Guaranteed Organic, this unique Ginseng has been harvested in this location for hundreds of years, set in an ancient forest away from the contamination of the modern world.



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