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Over 400,000 orders shipped worldwide!
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Whey Supremacy Standard - 1600 grams - Feel Good Store UK

Whey Supremacy Standard - 1600 grams

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Corgenic Whey Supremacy Standard
HOW IT WORKS ?Protein helps build muscle mass. WHEY SUPREMACY STANDARD is made by low pressure, low temperature multi-phase ultra filtration from fresh milk to give the freshest and highest quality whey protein featuring undenatured protein with intact protein fractions. WHEY SUPREMACY STANDARD contains zero aspartame, zero GMOs, zero hydrolyzate, zero dairy industry rejects, zero processing likely to denature proteins. WHEY SUPREMACY STANDARD is a delicious protein hybrid formula made from whey protein isolate and concentrate.FOR WHO ?WHEY SUPREMACY STANDARD is a delicious, very high quality whey protein formula, scientifically developed for demanding athletes with superior protein and amino acid requirements, who are looking for the best in performance and sports nutrition.WHAT PURPOSE ?WHEY SUPREMACY STANDARD is intended for lean muscle mass gain and muscle recovery. WHEY SUPREMACY STANDARD fits perfectly into a high protein diet.WHEN?Consume regularly and identically on rest days as on physical training days.SUPREMACY STANDARDTo get the best out of yourself, you want the best protein. Whey protein has a complete amino acid profile with the highest levels of leucine in a single protein source. In physical activity, the main function of protein is to improve the quality of active muscles and metabolic health. Protein maintains and builds muscle mass, and the main benefit of active muscles is their central role in improving overall metabolism. Whey is the protein of choice for boosting the benefits of active muscle, as it contains the most potent amino acid profile that can be found in a single protein source.WHEY SUPREMACY STANDARD like SUB ZERO is an undenatured, fresh protein, and is made very quickly from fresh liquid milk to dry whey, which guarantees unparalleled freshness, zero oxidation, and this without specific preservatives. Always at low temperature and low pressure. We do not add preservatives or specific additives because we do not use proteins already produced and stored for a certain time by producers or wholesalers while waiting to be sold by invitation to tender, therefore cheaper depending of the expiration date. We run on fresh production to obtain non-denatured and of course non-hydrolyzed proteins.



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