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Over 400,000 orders shipped worldwide!
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Thermo Caps - 120 caps - Feel Good Store UK

Thermo Caps - 120 caps

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Weider Thermo Caps - 120 caps

Weider Thermo Caps are powerful thermogenic capsules that help increase body temperature, burning calories in order to obtain the defined body you always dreamed of!

Made with L-carnitine, green tea extract, guarana and caffeine extracts, and other plant extracts and thermogenic ingredients, Thermo Caps allows you to:
-Accelerate metabolism to burn more calories,
-Reduce body fat for a more defined body,
-Aid in weight loss,
-Use fat as a source of energy,
-Increase energy for day-to-day activities or physical exertion,
-With Niacin and L-carnitine, helps to reduce fatigue and increase cognitive function,
-Regulates levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood,
-Thermo Caps doesn't stop there. By including green tea and guarana, rich in antioxidants, it helps regulate the organism's defenses to fight against free radicals, highly destructive unstable molecules.

Your physical shape will improve before your eyes and you'll have an incredible sensation of well-being with Weider Thermo Caps.



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