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Tamari 25% Less Salt 250ml

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The first reduced salt content tamari on the market, a key addition to the Lima range of soy sauces. - The 25% less salt tamari responds to widespread consumer demand for products of this kind. Consumers wish to reduce their consumption of salt further, while keeping the flavour of Tamari. - The human body benefi ts from moderate salt consumption, but excessive consumption has the opposite effect* - Salt is a mineral which is naturally present in the human body, and it is vital that our diet provides it. - Tamari is an invaluable condiment, widely used in healthy cooking, due to its richness and complex fl avours. - Just like Lima's classic Tamari, the "25% less salt Tamari" is gluten-free - The soy used is guaranteed GMO-free. - 100% organic. Usage: Tamari can be used for cooking as well as a condiment at table. It can be used to bring out the taste of meat, poultry and fi sh stews, pasta broths, soups, sauteed vegetables, salad dressings, marinades or when making stir-fry dishes. It combines well with rice vinegar, garlic, ginger and mustard.

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