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Svakom - Nova Kegel Training Set - Violet

Svakom - Nova Kegel Training Set - Violet

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Train your pelvic floor muscles with vaginal balls and enjoy a tighter vagina, more intense orgasms and more stimulation. This beautiful set includes 3 vaginal balls in different sizes. Insert one of the balls in the vagina and engage the pelvic floor muscles to keep the ball in place. This will train your muscles and they'll get stronger if you use the balls regularly. The vagina will get tighter and you will even be able to better control your bladder. This makes the balls a good solution for women whose vagina is too wide or who have incontinence issues. The balls are different weights (49 g, 75 g and 95 g) so you can start with the lightest and increase your pelvic floor training at your own pace. The soft silicone material feels wonderfully comfortable and is easy to clean with toy cleaner and water. Measurements: 36x135 mm 32x170 mm 28x162 mm

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