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Super Suction Snake Bite Suckers

Super Suction Snake Bite Suckers

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These Super Snake Bite Suckers will take your nipple play to the next level! These suckers create a vacuum on the nipple and surrounding area for an erotic feeling of suction that often results in larger, more sensitive nipples. Simply place over the nipple and squeeze gently with your fingers to attach. Enhance the overall sexual enjoyment for both you and your partner with these portable, easy-to-use nipple toys!

Measurements: Approx. 1.5 inches in length and approx.1 inch in width.

Color: Black.

Product Features

Material - PVC
Weight - 26 gram
Contents - 2 pieces
Waterproof - Yes
CE tag - Yes
Colour - Black
Suitable for - Women
Stimulation - Nipple stimulation
Minimum diameter - 3.00 cms
Length - 4.00 cms
Packing - Industrial packaging (plastic bag)

Dimensions Packaging - 10x9x3 cm
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