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Sproutd Protein+Iron 100g

Sproutd Protein+Iron 100g

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What is it? A unique blend which only consists of 3 ingredients - each of them providing a distinct health benefit. Alfalfa sprouts - main protein source for its high protein content. 100% wholefood - no extracts or isolates! Pumpkin seed sprouts - provides 25% of daily Iron intake Beetroot sprouts - provides about 70% of daily Vitamin C intake. As plant-based iron needs vitamin C for better absorption. Why is it special? Our protein powder is like none other! It's special because: Unflavoured wholefood protein and iron No isolates Source of iron High in Fibre High in Vitamin C Why Sprouts? Sprouts are seeds that germinate to become young plants after a few days and only requires water for growth without any soil or fertilizers. The sprouting process has been shown to - Increase nutrient absorption in the body - Improve digestibility - Improve some nutrient profiles



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