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Smooth Glide

Smooth Glide Xtreme Powder White 250g

Smooth Glide Xtreme Powder White 250g

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Smoothglide Xtreme Powder - a 100% natural powder for mixing lube.

The mixed lubricant is long-lasting and very lubricious. It is easily washable odourless and tasteless. Approximately 9g of powder will yield a volume of about 500ml of lubricant. This amount corresponds to 3 caps or a heaped tablespoon of Smoothglide Powder. If you want a thicker consistency simply increase the powder dose. Xtreme Powder is available in 100g or 250g.

Instructions: Mix the powder well with warm tap water. Product can be effectively mixed in an electric blender (reduce mixing time) or by hand in a cocktail shaker or similar. After about 20 minutes the lubricant is ready for use.

Note: do not store the mixed lubricant longer than 3 days.

Quick tip: for the quickie in between just mix the powder with some warm water in your hand.

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