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SilyCaps - 60 caps - Feel Good Store UK
Yamamoto Nutrition

SilyCaps - 60 caps

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Yamamoto Nutrition SilyCaps - 60 caps Yamamoto Nutrition Sily CAPS.
SILY CAPS is a dietary supplement of Milk Thistle powder and titrated extract in 80% of silymarin.
Milk thistle, in addition to performing an antioxidant function, It promotes the cleansing functions of the body and the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Milk thistle is a herbaceous plant widespread throughout the Mediterranean basin, and we can easily find it in Italy. Its fame comes from the fact that it has always been considered a tonic for the liver, our precious filter and a pool of many other metabolic actions. The hepatoprotective and even epipurative properties of milk thistle derive from a flavolignani flavonoid complex, present in its fruits and in particular from silymarin.
Silymarin helps the process of regeneration of liver tissues from the abuse of alcohol and other toxic substances that over time have contributed to the deterioration of the liver and perhaps to chronicize certain problems, thus going to alter the liver function, which can go from its activity detox as well as the effectiveness of proper thermogenesis for example. Silymarin protects new liver cells by helping to reduce the inflammatory processes of the liver that silences go to create in the body; as well as being able to counteract a typical problem of overfeeding or incorrect feeding leading to fatty liver (fatty liver).



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