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Silicone Noir Explorer Finger Sleeves -NEW

Silicone Noir Explorer Finger Sleeves -NEW

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Joining the Silicone Noir range of accessories the Explorer Fingers sleeves are an incredibly simple cap/sleeve that are worn on two fingers to give the wearer the power of electro-stimulation at their fingertips. Ideally suited to clitoral stimulation and other surface play Explorer provides a smooth and controllable level of sensation that encourages exploration of the different erogenous zones. When paired with the KIX Introductory Electro Stimulator in particular users are able to experience a subtle type of electro-stimulation that showcases the more sensual side of e-stim.

Made from platinum cured silicone (100% phthalate-free) the conductive sleeves can be worn as a pair or combined with another unipolar toy such as a pad cock ring or urethral sound for a range of different sensations. For the best sensation we recommend using some Conductive Gel (or high quality water-based lubricant) on the skin to ensure the best possible contact. Compatible with any ElectraStim stimulator the inside of Explorer is insulated so that the wearer won’t receive any stimulation through their fingers during play.

As with all electro-sex accessories and devices Explorer must be used below the waist only.


  • 2 x Explorer Finger Sleeves (55mm long x 30mm wide)

  • Microfibre storage bag

  • Instructions

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