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Shower Gel Linden 400 ml

Shower Gel Linden 400 ml

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YOPE Linden line has 3 products: Natural Shower Gel, Natural Soap and Natural Hand and Body Lotion. All of them contain three natural flower extracts: linden, marigold and chamomile as well as linseed extract. The linden flower extract rich in flavonoids, mineral salts and vitamines is a fantastic antioxidant with strengthening and smoothing properties. Natural linseed extract, marigold and chamomile flower extracts have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Linden Natural shower gel.Delicately cleanses sensitive skin. Scent: warm, sunny, fresh and cheerful - the scent of the beginning of the summer. It works: rich in plant extracts and active ingredients of linseed, marigold and chamomile, it moisturizes perfectly and soothes irritations. The gel also contains natural moisturising ingredient with Ecocert certificate obtained from natural oils. Thanks to its gentle ingredients and neutral pH, the gel doesn't irritate even the most sensitive skin. When mixed with warm water, the linden flower's essential oils release a pleasant warm aroma that fills the bathroom. Does not contain parabens, SLES, PEG, SLS, silicones, colour Contact Us Page.


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