Serrapeptase 250.000IU 30 Tablets

Serrapeptase 250.000IU 30 Tablets

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Serrapeptase (also known as Serratiopeptidase or Serra enzyme) is a proteolytic enzyme (breaks down proteins into amino acids) isolated from bacteria found in silkworms. Silkworms use Serrapeptase enzyme to dissolve the protein molecules of their hard silk cocoons. It was discovered that also in human body Serrapeptase may work as a very effective anti-fibrotic enzyme which breaks down & dissolves hard, fibrotic tissue such as scar tissue and any dead tissue. Serrapeptase has been used in Japan for reducing inflammation and as a natural pain-killer after surgery, trauma, and in various inflammatory conditions. It is regarded there as the most effective anti-inflammatory enzyme. Commercially available Serrapeptase is extracted from Serratia probiotic bacteria.

Dietary Restrictions

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Sugar Free
Nut Free
Egg Free
Celery Free
Lupin Free
Milk Free
Mustard Free
Sesame Seed Free
Soy Bean Free
Sulphur Dioxide Free
Maize Free
Citric Acid Free
Crustacean Free
Mollusc Free
Fish Free
Peanut Free

No Added Sugar
Produce Of GB

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