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Yamamoto Research

Salubit - 60 caps (expires: 2021/03/31)

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Yamamoto Research Salubit - 60 caps (expires: 2021/03/31)
Through our daily work of scientific dissemination and support to health specialists, but above all with our customers who are increasingly eager to know and have in-depth knowledge (certainly not helped by the confusing advertising work of many companies or the media), we try to focus more and more attention on underlining the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet. A correct, complete and balanced diet is a crucial factor for our health, and in this regard, the constant intake of fruit and vegetables plays a very important role. Unfortunately, it is also undeniable that in recent years these foods are arriving at our tables less and less rich in the precious nutrients that characterise them because of the modern techniques of intensive cultivation.

We are not trying to replace the concept of vegetables or fruit as a food with this product, but given the impoverishment of these foods in terms of substances with valuable potential for our health, Salubit wants to be a nutritional support that provides and supplements our diet. It is a mixture of substances that are beneficial to the body, characteristics of certain red fruits and other vegetable derivatives with very high ORAC power (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) that is the ability to absorb oxygen radicals thanks to vitamins, polyphenols, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, and bioflavonoids that are deployed for the defence and proper functioning of our body, combating cellular aging. All this thanks to what it provides us with. No synthetic substances for maximum absorption of these substances.

Salubit has the advantage of helping our body with its defence system and proper functioning, thanks to its precious and well-known antioxidant power. The extraordinary health concentrates such as the red fruits rich in polyphenols provide glycaemic management, they also help to keep cholesterol levels under control, have anti-inflammatory properties and improve the elasticity of blood vessels and circulation. This helps us to avoid unpleasant disorders, such as swollen legs, which tend to worsen in the summer in addition to supporting intestinal health.

Salubit uses the strength of elderberry, a natural remedy that was once used to lower fevers, which helps combat colds and neuralgia, as well as having sudorific, emollient, diaphoretic, diuretic and laxative properties.

Salubit contains Appl In, which is a patented, natural, clinically proven, standardised apple extract with a very high polyphenol content that contributes to better glycaemia management by acting on glucose transport across the intestinal barrier.

The presence of broccoli extract amplifies the antioxidant function against free radicals, but brings additional benefits in terms of anti-inflammatories, such as natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also works on oestrogen metabolism, and has an interesting immunomodulatory effect.

In the green capsule, Salubit contains both spirulina and chlorella which are blue-green algae typically known for their tonic power. They are composed for the most part of high quality absorption proteins, which make the restorative potential of these algae truly exceptional. They also offer a wide range of micronutrients and contain up to forty types of minerals (they are especially rich in iron) and incredible doses of vitamin A, K, D and B vitamins (including the unassimilable vitamin B12 present in these vegetables). The micronutrients in Spirulina act on a wide range of functions and health and strengthens the cardiovascular system, in particular, it increases the formation of blood cells and stem cells in the bone marrow. Spirulina also strengthens the immune system as the nutrients it contains stimulate the immune cells. Spirulina can also have anti-inflammatory, antiviral (e.g. Herpes simplex) and antioxidant properties, improving cholesterol metabolism and controlling blood glucose levels. In addition, Spirulina protects cells by stimulating the repair of DNA damage. Like Spirulina, the green algae Chlorella stimulates the immune system and its reaction, prevents bacterial and viral infections and even colds. Chlorella has an effect against high blood pressure and supports wound healing. With about 1-2% of their weight made up of pure chlorophyll, these two superb nutrients are powerful purifying elements that can be found in nature and are known to be particularly helpful in the disposal of heavy metals and toxins.

Salubit enriches with natural microelements without the risk of introducing chemicals such as glyphosate or other pesticides, fertilisers or colouring agents unfortunately commonly used on the fruits and vegetables that end up our tables.



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