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Over 410,000 orders shipped worldwide!
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Reload Protein Flapjacks - 12 bars - Feel Good Store UK

Reload Protein Flapjacks - 12 bars

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Grenade Reload Protein Flapjacks
HIGH PROTEINHandmade, baked flapjack packed with protein. Great for a post workout or mid afternoon snack.
GET YOUR OATSSlow release carbs from jumbo and rolled oats, with oat bran, to keep those energy levels up.
CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOURAvailable in 4 delicious flavours, Chocolate Browning, Coconut Chaos, Fused Fruit and Chocolate Orange.
EAT MEConsumed as part of a balanced diet, a convenient way to eat extra protein. A guilt free snack, Reload is a gym bag or work bag staple.
SCIENCE STUFFReload contains a balanced ratio of 2:1 carbs to protein, so it's great to eat at any time during the day. The carbs within Reload are delivered through a complex, slow release source (oats), so take the body longer to break down and convert into energy. The result is that energy is given to the body over an extended period, with only a small impact on blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar levels helps to stabilise insulin levels which, in turn, can reduce fat storage.



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