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Relax Restore - 60 caps

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Yamamoto Nutrition Relax Restore - 60 caps Beyond any doubt, without an adequate period of restorative sleep on a regular basis, athletes cannot efficiently recover from their training sessions; the processes of muscle healing and rebalancing of the nervous system become jammed , entering a negative loop that can become truly compromising and highly conditioning for their goals. Think of a hormonal system where stress hormones predominate, causing heavy fatigue on the adrenal system that accumulates; moreover, lack of adequate sleep can accelerate the aging processes, slow down the metabolism and significantly affect our physical and mental performances, with a strong negative impact on the immune system, as well as predisposing the body to a long list of disorders that can become pathological.

During sleep, the entire body is at work , setting its state in a phase of recovery. Physique and mind are regenerated at the cellular level, fielding all those crucial functions for ensuring that the muscles are repaired and rebuilt, and that important hormones - and all those factors that will be put in place to recharge the metabolic and immune health and mental of our extraordinary body - are released. We should always remember that while nutrition and training are fundamental, it is when recovery is encouraged that everything can function with maximum efficiency.

The problem is that sleep-related disorders affect many athletes, especially in the most intense moments of preparation, where fatigue builds up, adrenaline stress spreads and the conditions of adequate muscular and mental relaxation are lacking.

To meet this widespread need, Yamamoto Nutrition presents Relax RESTORE, a supplement that promotes the conditions for more easily inducing sleep thanks to greater physical and mental relaxation, making it sounder and more restorative thanks to the synergistic presence of elements of proven usefulness.

Relax RESTORE contains the essential amino acid L-LEUCINA, which plays a fundamental role in stimulating protein synthesis, accelerating the recovery processes triggered during sleep and counteracting the degradation of muscle tissue.

Backed by the presentation of innovative elements and raw materials and, above all, with declared quality and effectiveness, Relax RESTORE contains this new great protagonist, CherryPURE, the extract of Amarena cherry from Montmorency which has been shown to improve the quality and duration of sleep, significantly improving states of insomnia. Studies on Amarena cherry powder extract (Tart Cherry powder CherryPURE) have shown that it is a natural source of melatonin, the precious regulator of the sleep-wake cycle, but further investigation has allowed us to extend the effectiveness of this extract to the proanthocyanidins it contains. These polyphenols, typical of the red pigment of the Montmorency amarena cherry, increase the bioavailability of tryptophan, the essential amino acid precursor of serotonin that promotes sleep. This occurs through an inhibition mechanism against an enzyme (indoleamin 2.3 dioxygenase) which would degrade tryptophan and therefore it is found to be more bioavailable with a related increase in serotonin activity which will improve the state of relaxation and mood, and counteract the inflammatory state. Not to be forgotten for the athlete, CherryPure has scientifically been shown to be a strong support for recovery after intense training sessions and endurance performances.

Valerian is much better known as an inducer of relaxation and sleep. Thanks to its calming properties, it is widely used in cases of agitation and as a sedative in sleep disorders because it reduces the time needed to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep. The mechanism of action of its constituents is quite well known, and the ability to inhibit the enzyme (gamma-aminobutyric transaminase) responsible for metabolic degradation of the gamma-aminobutyric neurotransmitter (GABA) is due to the esters of valerianic acids and iridoids. In regulating neuronal excitability in the entire nervous system, this chemical mediator is responsible for the sensation of relaxation and for inducing sleep, reducing the time of falling asleep.

GABA - or gamma-aminobutyric acid - is a basic amino acid that is naturally present in many species of the animal kingdom, and functions as a neurotransmitter and neuromediator. It is found in large quantities in the human brain, and is arousing great interest in the scientific community. Numerous research projects have already been carried out into its anti-stress, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and natural antidepressant functions inside our body. Several studies have shown interest in people suffering from insomnia, referring to the action mechanism of certain pine sedative drugs. This neurotransmitter helps send messages between the brain and the nervous system and acts as a brain activity relaxant. If its activity is low, the brain remains suspended in a sort of constant hyperactivity . Insufficient levels of GABA bring about nervousness, anxiety and panic disorders, aggressive behaviour, decreased eye contact, anti-social behaviour and attention deficit. When GABA does not act as it should, our level of worry increases, we begin to have obsessive thoughts, we often wake up in the middle of the night with an accelerated heartbeat, and little by little we fall into the spiral of anxiety. Tranquilliser drugs, whose progenitor is valium , attach themselves to GABA receptors. Let us recall that low levels of GABA play a fundamental role in alcoholism, drug addiction and in sugar and carbohydrate cravings (such as when people are in the phase of weight loss or precontest for the athlete), because these substances temporarily and artificially increase GABA, so people are unconsciously attracted to them. Maintenance of GABA at adequate levels within the body helps foster greater tranquillity and relaxation, having a significant positive influence on emotional states: this is due to its relaxing action which counteracts the daily effects that can result from continuous stress solicitation, such as daily worries, pressure at work and knowing how to manage expectations by obtaining the desired results, exams for students, personal emotional problems and intensive physical sports preparation.
The presence of GABA in Relax RESTORE is particularly effective for relaxing the body before going to sleep, avoids worsening insomnia and acts in synergy with other elements to find a quality sleep that is also restorative for both mental and muscular recovery. This is fundamental for athletes who, due to the intensity of their training sessions and the severe state of fatigue, find themselves with a contracted and altered state at the level of the nervous system after the related surge of adrenaline. Think only of an intense session of leg training where you may find it hard to fall asleep, with an altered heart beat and that feeling of slight agitation or difficulty in relaxing with contracted and aching muscles ...

The presence of Griffonia supports other elements as its seeds contain precious 5-hydroxy-tryptophan (5-HTP), a precursor of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that is involved in various physiological functions of our body, including mood, sleep and appetite regulation. 5-HTP is an intermediate step in this synthesis, therefore, by taking Griffonia, it is possible to naturally increase levels of serotonin in the body. In fact, today Griffonia is used with good results as a natural antidepressant for the treatment of mild or moderate depression, but also in states of anxiety (related to an imminent important competition) that lead to sleep disorders, because it not only raises levels of serotonin but tends to regularise the sleep-wake cycle.

Melatonin could not be missing in a supplement designed to improve sleep disorders typical of athletes subjected to very intense training, who must have an efficient recovery system. Melatonin is a substance produced naturally by an organ, the epiphysis (or pineal gland), in the absence of sunlight: it has the function of regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin secretion follows the circadian rhythm, because the epiphysis contains pigmented cells similar to those of the retina, which react to light-dark alternation. In the form of a supplement, it is indicated in delayed sleep phase syndrome, characterised by difficulty in falling asleep in particular; it is used especially for insomnia due to external causes (such as different time zones, work shifts, etc.) but it also helps to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm of those who simply have difficulty in going to sleep, thus improving falling sleep and the quality and duration of sleep itself, counteracting nocturnal awakenings and allowing people to wake up more ... rested and recovered .



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