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Reds - 150 grams

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Warrior Reds
Warrior REDS is an advanced blend of superfoods PACKED with natural goodness! It's a nutrient rich cocktail of 16 superfoods in one simple 150ml serving per day. Make a shake, drink it, and enjoy the benefits of a vast variety of naturally vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables in your diet.What Makes Warrior REDS Special? 16 Superfoods Naturally Packed in Every Serving! Flavoured to Taste Great! Naturally Sweetened with Stevia - NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS! Makes Adding Variety to Your Diet EASY! One Full Months Supply In Every Tub!What's in Warrior REDS?Warrior REDS is packed with: Blueberries Pomegranate  Watermelon Carrots Loquat Raspberries,  Beetroot Acerola Aronia Meloncarpa  Strawberries,  Mango Dulse Citrus Pectin Grapefruit BlackberriesWhat Makes Warrior REDS Special, and Why Did We Create It?Variety. It's the key to a healthy diet. Notice we didn't say "muscle gaining diet", or "fat loss diet" there. We said "healthy diet", and we said that for a reason.You can lose weight and gain muscle whilst eating the same, boring, plain food every day. Foods that lack any real nutritional value, they just "meet your macros" - they have enough protein and carbs, to fit your goals.Fine. But that's terrible for you long term. You may look great at 20, but what happens when you hit 40, 50 or 60 years of age? Do you still want to be a Warrior? Do you want to look like a wreck, or be one of those people who everyone stares at and says "Wow, they look amazing!".Do you want to go through life looking and FEELING great? Having excellent natural energy, without constantly having to reach for the coffee? Do you want beautiful skin, healthy hair, the look of someone who just... looks after themselves?



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