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Prowler Red

Prowler RED BALLS-T by Oxballs

Prowler RED BALLS-T by Oxballs

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BALLS-T rubbery-soft liquid silicone ballstretcher


BALLS-T is made from the absolute best Liquid Platinum Silicone. It’s soft and squishy but still firm enough to stay in place…and it won’t pinch or roll. The short compact size makes this the perfect starter ballstretcher. BALLS-T can be stacked for more stretch and the smooth sleek material is designed for comfort or extended wear.

BALLS-T is just the right thickness without being too fat or bulky. Silicone weighs much more than any other stretchy material so you get the added tug of a heavier ring pulling your balls down…. plus it feels fleshy and warm.


Guys wear ballstretchers for longer play for more stretch that's why we make these out of the best Liquid Platinum Silicone.


  • Compact size is perfect for newbies or guys curious about ballstretching

  • Super stretchy fits balls of all shapes and sizes

  • Made from our best super-soft stretchy Liquid Platinum Silicone

  • Soft smooth silicone heats up to body temperature and is designed for comfort

  • BALLS-T can also be worn with another ballstretcher as a stacker



    Width: 2
    Height: 1.25
    Outer circumference: 6.5
    Inner circumference: 3.75
    Weight: 2 oz
    Hand-poured and finished in Los Angeles California USA

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