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Pjur Woman Toy Lube

Pjur Woman Toy Lube

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pjur® Woman Toy Lube

For gentle, hygienic cleaning of articles of use ‚¬š¬€š¬œ materials sensitive to alcohol such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone and leather are not affected. Reduces odour and removes bacteria and fungi. pjur Woman Toy Lube is exclusively intended for application on articles of use / utensils. Dermatologically tested ‚¬š¬€š¬œ odourless and neutral in taste.

Alcohol- and perfume-free
Eliminates bacteria and fungi
Gentle, hygienic cleaning of sex toys
Does not attack alcohol-sensitive materials such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone, or leather
Reduces smells

Product Features

Weight - 110 gram
Contents - 100 ml
CE tag - Yes
Colour - Transparent
Suitable for - Unisex
Packing - Retail packaging (plastic)
Dimensions Packaging - 15x5x5 cm
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