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Oxballs Squeeze Ballstretcher - Plus + Silicone Special Edition Night

Oxballs Squeeze Ballstretcher - Plus + Silicone Special Edition Night

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SQUEEZE ballstretcher NIGHT EDITION cockrings by Oxballs PLUS+silicone™

New Color:  NIGHT BLACK tpr/silicone


SQUEEZE hourglass ballstretcher in new NIGHT EDITION…velvety silicone finish PLUS+silicone™ blend TPR for amazing  stretch + silicone for a rubbery warm feel.  NIGHT BLACK color is a deep dull-finish black that feels warm and silky-smooth less grippy it glides on…more like vintage black rubber—it looks rich and deep and feels super slick.


SQUEEZE is thick a hourglass blubbery ballstretcher designed to comfortably stretch your sack with the right squeeze in the middle and less at the top and bottom.  It works.  This is Oxballs all-time most popular ballstretcher it’s gotta be right.


SQUEEZE is a thick blubbery ballstretcher designed to meld to your junk like a second skin. Each end of SQUEEZE is topped with squishy padding and a inner ring inside at the top and bottom designed to keep your nuts down.

The curved design of the inner chamber grips your sack tight without stranglin' the life outta your boys...think of it like a hand gently tuggin' on your ballbag.

SQUEEZE's ergo-curved design and lightweight material make it a must-have for your ballstretching routine.


NIGHT EDITION black in silky warm matt finish PLUS+silicone™ blend
Each end of SQUEEZE is lined with an inner ring to keep balls in place
Curved hourglass shape is designed to grip without being too tight
Lightweight material and ergonomic design are made for comfort
Pushes balls down and away from body for a stretching sensation
Designed to stay in place to avoid rolling or uncomfortable pinching

All original design copyright OXBALLS

PLUS+silicone™ our own super-stretchy strong blend of TPR and silicone—the right grip that doesn’t pinch. Phthalate free and no scent.

LUBE SAFE:  Water-based lube hybrid or silicone lube recommended.  Oil-base lubes not recommended.

CARE:  Wash after use in warm soapy water air dry.  Store toys separately:  we recommend storing in breathable cloth pouches or for larger toys in cotton socks.


Width: 2
Height: 1.75
Outer circumference: 5.5 - 6
Inner Circumference: 3.5
Weight: 1.6 oz
Made in CHINA


**measurements are as accurate as possible; our liquid silicone toys are handmade so slight size variations can occur.


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