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Oxballs 360 Cockring and Ballsling Clear<br />

Oxballs 360 Cockring and Ballsling Clear<br />

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The Oxballs 360 cockring and ballsling is the ultimate 3-in-1 toy. The 360 acts as a cockring giving you a firmer erection that lasts longer. It also acts as a ballsling - pushing your package away from your body and giving you a more impressive look and feel.

The 360 by Oxballs also acts as a ballstretcher giving you a perfect gentle stretch and tug. This toy is made from FLEX-TPR and while it’s lightweight and compact it also has a fleshy thicker feel for maximum pleasure and comfort. This toy has a padded base that’s thick and rubbery and that pushes your package out and away from your body for a bigger look. This toy is also available in black and silver.

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