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Over 400,000 orders shipped worldwide!
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Organic Passion Flower Instant Herbal Tea 15g - Feel Good Store UK

Organic Passion Flower Instant Herbal Tea 15g

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This highly decorative herb originates from central and southern United States, growing in the wild from Ohio in the north to Florida in the south, it was highly prized by Native Americans for its many uses, both external and internal. The plant grows well outside of the US too, where it can even be found growing over the limestone cottages of the West Country of England. The tea has a soothing flavour that has been drunk by Europeans for over 300 years and is valued as a tea. The flavour of Passion Flower Tea is strongly botanical, it has no sweetness, but is neither bitter or astringent. Like all Aquasol teas it will mix easily into any liquid, hot or cold. This herb will mix particularly well into a warm spiced apple juice, providing a calming beverage before bed or after a hard days work.



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