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Over 410,000 orders shipped worldwide!
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Organic Nettle Root Instant Herbal Tea 20g - Feel Good Store UK

Organic Nettle Root Instant Herbal Tea 20g

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The common Stinging nettle lives up to its reputation, not only has it spread itself extensively throughout the acid rich soils of the temperate world but it has also developed a pretty venomous defence mechanism to those who would like to pull it up. But behind the ultra fine hairs filled with formic acid is a formidable herb that has at least as many virtues as the plant has vices. Nettle roots, stems leaves and seeds are all harvested for their use in cooking, medicine, body care and even clothes making. As a food there are few more nutritious plants, nettles contain a remarkable amount of protein compared to other plants, and is rich in iron and Vitamin C. Aquasol gathers the nettle roots for this tea in the autumn when the plant dies back and all the life and vitality is stored away underground. This makes for a strong infusion, surprisingly cleansing to taste. Our nettle root tea combines well with artichoke leaf for a detoxifying infusion or turmeric for something more restorative.



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