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Over 410,000 orders shipped worldwide!
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Organic Ginkgo Leaf Instant Herbal Tea 20g - Feel Good Store UK

Organic Ginkgo Leaf Instant Herbal Tea 20g

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The tree from where the ginkgo leaf falls is considered a living fossil. Not only is it the only surviving member of its plant genus but this tree has been rooting into the earth for over 225 million years, there is little doubt that dinosaurs would have enjoyed these leaves just as much as people do today. The resilient nature of this ancient tree, not to mention its elegant beauty, means it has adapted well to different climates and environmental changes. As such it has become a common sight as a road side tree in towns and city's thanks to its tolerance for high levels of CO2. Like many herbs, Ginkgo leaves contain tannins and terpenes and should be used sparingly. This herb combines very well with Green tea to make an uplifting beverage.



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