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Lux Fetish

Lux Fetish Open Mouth Stretch Hood

Lux Fetish Open Mouth Stretch Hood

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<p>Lux Fetish Open Mouth Stretch Hood</p>
<p>With this Open Mouth Stretch Hood you can get as kinky as you please. Its comfortable fit along with its opening that surrounds the outside of your lips makes it easy to wear and allows for unobstructed breathing. The exposed mouth also makes it available for kissing licking and oral sex which will be intensified for the giver due to the lack of sense of sight. Perfect for all users this unisex hood is stretchy.</p>
<p><b>PLEASE NOTE:</b> These hoods do come up rather small so please be mindful when ordering as this hood may not be suitable for larger sized heads.</p>
<p>Perfect for sensory deprivation play</p>
<p>Made of stretchy breathable material</p>
<p>Unisex design </p>
<p>Secure yet comfortable fit</p>
<p>Essential bondage accessory</p>
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