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Leucine Fusion - 180 caps - Feel Good Store UK
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Leucine Fusion - 180 caps

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Support Muscle Protein Synthesis and Recovery!

- Matrix of 3 most powerful forms of L-leucine
- Up to 70% faster synthesis of muscle protein
- Maximum support for anabolism

Leucine Fusion is a high quality matrix of the most biologically active forms of L-Leucine, one of the strongest amino acids, which has an anabolic and anti-catabolic effect. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that L-Leucine aids in the process of building and regeneration of muscle proteins. Thanks to the unique combination of three forms of this amino acid the product is characterised by exceptional absorbability and effectiveness. Leucine Fusion taken as a supplement stimulates the build-up of muscle mass and may increase the capacity and resistance during a long-time effort as well as accelerate the process of regeneration after training.


Forget half-measures! If you're after really fast growth and development of Herculean muscles, you can't afford to use weak products! If you train really hard and eat well, you deserve something better! Just for you we have prepared LEUCINE FUSION - an exceptionally powerful product which enables you to maximise the effects of working out. From now on your muscles have the best available conditions for growth. Down with stagnation! Down with low power and endurance! This is the dawn of a new era! A LEUCINE FUSION era!


L-leucine is a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), which means it has an exceptionally high nutritional value. Unfortunately our bodies are unable to synthesise this extraordinarily active molecule, so we need to ingest it in food. Leucine, similarly to valine and isoleucine, has a branched side chain, which allows it to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver and quickly reaching muscles. Leucine's major metabolic role has been recognised by millions of athletes around the world, and scientists have confirmed its multifarious effect on an organism under significant physical strain. High levels of this amino acid in the body concurrently stimulate building processes (anabolism) and inhibit reactions leading to degradation of muscle structures (catabolism). That's why taking leucine supplements helps you improve exercise parameters in a relatively short time, increasing the effectiveness of diet and intensive training.


Leucine contained in LEUCINE FUSION plays a key role in the process of protein synthesis in muscle tissues. High levels of this amino acid in the body are perceived as a signal to start and intensify the process which allows your muscles to grow and regenerate. The correct dose of leucine helps increase the intensity of building new muscle proteins by up to 70%. Consuming high levels of this amino acid helps maintain lasting and stable progress in building high quality muscle mass. The amino acid not only increases the number of signalling compounds that stimulate the formation of muscle proteins, but also itself becomes the first component built into the structures of newly-formed proteins. Another important property of leucine is that it affects the levels of secreted anabolic hormones. Its supplementation helps increase the levels of insulin and growth hormone. This improves the utilisation of all nutrients in the diet, in particular proteins and carbohydrates, providing muscle cells with additional stimulation for growth.


LEUCINE FUSION contains 4 excellent forms of L-leucine - an amino acid which accelerates muscle growth and improves exercise metabolism. Using the product prior to exercise helps significantly increase the amount of energy available for strenuous exercise. The formula also helps reduce the feeling of fatigue since leucine inhibits the secretion of serotonin. This action directly translates into increased strength and power, and a marked improvement in endurance. LEUCINE FUSION helps you exercise longer and in top gear.


LEUCINE FUSION is a formula with exceptionally powerful anti-catabolic properties, helping it protect muscle tissue from degradation arising as a result of prolonged and severe energy shortages. Leucine delivered externally may serve as an alternative source of energy at a point when glucose reserves run out. This helps preserve muscle-building proteins from degradation. Under the conditions of an energy deficit leucine accelerates the mobilisation and burning of stored fat, maintaining high intensity of exercise and limiting catabolism. At the end of a training session high leucine levels accelerate the regeneration of muscle proteins and glycogen. This amino acid stimulates the production of insulin, significantly accelerating the rate of delivering nutrients essential after exercise. Leucine helps to create an excess of nutrients and a full replenishment of glycogen levels, accelerating and improving the regeneration process following exercise.


LEUCINE FUSION is a new-generation formula containing 3 synergistic leucine forms. The product has been created as a result of co-operation between experts from TREC NUTRITION and leading TREC TEAM athletes. The very first tests revealed its exceptional anabolic and anti-catabolic properties. Using 3 forms of leucine in a single supplement contributes to a dramatic improvement of its effectiveness and speed of action. The precisely selected proportions of components and the high dose make LEUCINE FUSION the most effective leucine matrix ever created, available at an attractive price.


LEUCINE FUSION is aimed at both professional and amateur athletes participating in power and sculpting sports, as well as endurance and power and endurance disciplines. The formula is an excellent dietary supplement improving the utilisation of proteins and carbohydrates in the process of regeneration following exercise. LEUCINE FUSION will help you break through training stagnation and accelerate progress in building basic exercise parameters in all sports disciplines. In bodybuilding the formula dramatically accelerates the formation of top quality muscle mass.



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