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Yamamoto Research

Lattasi - 30 caps

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Yamamoto Research Lattasi - 30 caps

Yamamoto Research Lattasi is a food supplement providing the enzyme lactase with fennel extract, suitable in case of lactose digestion difficulty. Lactase enzyme improves lactose digestion in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose (consume with each lactose containing meal).

You may often hear the phrase "I can't digest milk and dairy products", and it is common to be susceptible to "unpleasant" trips to the bathroom after drinking a cappuccino. Just in Italy, 50% of the population is believed to be lactose intolerant, even if not everyone has the same severity of symptoms. Surveys say that only 1 in 4 people know they are intolerant. Lactose intolerance occurs in the case of partial or total lack of the lactase enzyme, which is able to split lactose into two simple sugars, glucose and galactose. Lactose is the main sugar in milk (including cow's milk, goat's milk, buffalo milk, donkey's milk as well as mother's milk), and in fact represents 98% of the sugars present in milk, with a variable percentage in its derivatives. Lactose is also often used as an additive in various foods such as certain cured meats or baked products, for example.

The clinical picture of lactose intolerance is characterised by annoying abdominal cramp-like pain, bloating, stomach heaviness, sense of gastric swelling, easily triggered diarrhoea or constipation that arise fairly quickly after ingestion of foods containing lactose. In addition to these, more general symptoms such as headache, fatigue, nausea, or rash may also occur. The symptomatology varies from person to person, with manifestations of varying magnitude and significance. Lactose intolerance, as we have mentioned, is caused by an insufficient amount of lactase in the small intestine, resulting in the intestine being unable to absorb lactose or separate it into its simple and easily assimilated components, glucose and galactose.

Physiologically speaking, ingested lactose is affected in the small intestine by lactase which divides it until all the lactose has been broken down into glucose and galactose, molecules that are digestible and therefore assimilable by the organism. If the lactase present in our intestine is not sufficient to carry out its work as occurs with those who are lactose intolerent, the undigested lactose will reach the final tract of the digestive system: the colon, where the bacteria that ensure the fermentation of lactose in the intestine intervene. From this process, waste will be produced as gas (hydrogen and methane) and the toxins to blame for the annoying symptoms of lactose intolerance, such as alcoholic molecules, aldehydes, acetones, short-chain fatty acids and methylglyoxal. If these molecules are absorbed, this is the origin of those annoying gastrointestinal symptoms, in particular constipation, but often diarrhoea and the typical "gurgling" in the stomach with pains like colic or cramping. These are particularly annoying and sometimes restricting phenomena. However, there are many effective specific lactase-based food supplements available to solve this annoying problem! Lactase Yamamoto Research is one of these, and provides a high concentration of lactase that, in the intestine, ensures the digestion of lactose within a short time, thus avoiding the danger of triggering the unpleasant wave of intolerance symptoms.

A capsule of lactase, thanks to the high content of the enzyme (15,000 FCC units), where only 1 capsule contains 150 mg of lactase, or 15,000 FCC units of lactase to be taken about 30 minutes before the meal, in relation to the amount of lactose present (there are specific nutritional tables).

One Lactase capsule is able to digest about 5 grams of lactose, which is for example the equivalent of 100 ml of milk. The use of consistent dosages ensure a more effective arrival of lactase in the intestine and allows you to be able to eat a pizza or an ice cream, without the risk of subsequent unpleasant pains or diarrhoea discharges.
120 mg of fennel were added to the product's updated ingredients. Thanks to its action against intestinal gas control, fennel interacts with Lactase for the maintenance of a healthy intestine.



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