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Over 410,000 orders shipped worldwide!
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Jungle Warfare Extreme - 90 caps - Feel Good Store UK

Jungle Warfare Extreme - 90 caps

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ALRI Jungle Warfare Extreme - 90 caps

The Lean Mass Catalyst-Increased Utilization Of Free Testosterone!

- Controls estrogen,
- Supports lean mass acquisition & retention,
- Increases utilization of free testosterone,
- Provides favorable nutrient repartitioning,
- Provides HPTA modulation.

Jungle Warfare Extreme Extreme combines very carefully engineered herbal compounds that have been selected for their specific effect on key components of the anabolic process within the body. These specific ingredients work synergistically to impact the bodys anabolic pathways and optimize lean muscle acquisition without hormonal down-regulation. ALR Industries has created a series of unique proprietary extraction process that result in high-potency yields of the unique AR agonists and pro-hypertrophic substrates found in each of these herbs. The result is a synergistic Pro-Hypertrophic Matrix from ALR Industries that guarantees results!



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